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How Taximail Can Help Your Business Grow

Rabu, 29 Januari 2020 / 15:54 WIB
How Taximail Can Help Your Business Grow

In the age of fast-paced digitalized world marketers maximizes their marketing effort to increase the companys revenue. Every brand is trying to catch the attention of their potential customers.

These are the digital marketing examples that marketers explore in scaling up their business.

Content Marketing - is a form of marketing focused on creating, publishing and distributing content to targeting audiences online.

Mobile Marketing -this focuses on reaching a specific audience on their smartphones and other related devices through website email, SMS, MMS, and mobile applications.

Inbound Marketing - is a technique for drawing the audience to products and services content marketing, social media, set and branding.

Search Engine Optimization - this is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic by web search.

Social Media - are interactive technologies that facilitate the creation or sharing of information via virtual communities.

Email Marketing - is sending commercial messages to a group of people on your mailing list.

Paid Advertising - this is the kind of advertising that you have to pay to make your ads shown to a targeted audience.

Affiliate Marketing - is the process of earning an income every time you promote some products or services.


Is there a one size fits all marketing strategy for all kinds of businesses?

This depends on the scale of your business, your digital marketing strategy might involve multiple digital strategies. It should focus on meeting the objectives that you have set.

How to create a digital marketing strategy?

Build your customer personas

Identify your goals and the digital tools that you need

Evaluate your existing digital channels

Plan your media campaigns

Knowing all of this information you will have a clear plan and direction on how to execute your digital marketing strategy.

Did you know that Email Marketing is one of the most sought after channel for business in engaging their customers?

Email marketing has many advantages when used properly it can leverage sales, generate new customers and help in customer retention.

If you are running a business email is still one of the most cost-effective ways to reach who have expressed interest in your product or services.

Taximail is one of the best email marketing tools in marketing in fulfilling the customersneeds.


Heres why Taximail is great for your business.

— Customers feedback before using Taximail. There are problems such as being blocked due to bounce emails by an unknown cause and there is no solution.

— The difference with Taximail, we have a clear analysis of the cause of the bounce and manage to edit according to the 2 types of bounces.

A soft bounce means full mailbox, server crashes for a moment, etc. The system will send out again in accordance with the specified conditions, such as a full mailbox, the system will send it again in the next 4 hours.

A hard bounce means a mailbox that does not exist, the domain does not exist, etc. The system will enter Global Suppression and do not export again because many times the hard bounce will affect the reliability and quality of the IP, resulting in an IP block Stick to the blacklist from ESPs (Email Service Provider) in the end.

— Taximail can send out 200,000 emails at a time of 61.4 minutes per account.

— The support we will arrange a Personal Assistant for each customer that is appropriate for the job and easy for customers to consult directly. We can help create or help deliver the campaign. Just send us the complete artwork. (A service from the package with no additional costs)

— Added SMS Marketing features an easy and quick way to interact with customers.

Lead generation — you can import leads from salesforce, import Facebook leads, sign-up form and can sync with your database(Oracle, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, MariaDB, MySQL)

Automation — you can make a workflow via drag & drop tools to help you send your email campaigns automatically.

AI — with the help of artificial intelligence, you can check the behavior of your customers and not send to none engagement customers.

Whether you are an Enterprise or SME, you can utilize email marketing for all types of businesses.

Take advantage of joining the community of people using Taximail. Sign up for free www.taximail.com or you may email support@taximail.com for further inquiries.

Reporter: Adv Team
Editor: indah sulistyorini